Is it a bug or intentional that the 'node-published' / node-unpublished' is missing? I wanted a way to distinguish that a node was unpublished and upon further inspection, can't find the classes that define it.

I thought maybe #2180801: Unpublished nodes do not have a background color was the fix, however that only seems to be relevant for the css that styles the classes, so it appears that at one time, it was totally expected that those classes would be available, however I'm not seeing them.

I'm using the starterkit -> cdn on BS 3.14

Sorry for throwing it in the 'component -> code', I'm not exactly sure which topic this would be fixed under.


philsward created an issue.

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Update: Looks like this is specific to Panels. When using panels to override the page, it doesn't create/use the "article" tag for the content section which means there's no appropriate tag to apply the classes to.