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I have a date field with multiple values. See here: http://www.hudsonriver.com/events/dutchess-county/beacon/beacon-second-s...

Is there a way for me to set up drupal to remove a date once it has passed? Perhaps with Rules? So for instance, the first date listed for the event above is August 12, 2017. I'd like that date to automatically disappear once it has passed. I've searched and can't find what I'm looking for... perhaps I'm not searching for the right thing. Can someone help out or point me in the right direction?

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Nope, it's not a views issue. Let me expand on my initial post.

I have an event content type where you can add multiple event dates (See screen1.jpg).

I use this event date for events that repeat every Saturday, for instance. (Date Repeat was a nightmare to work with so I decided to add multiple fields for the date instead). I'm able to remove a date manually (see screen2.jpg). What I'm looking for is a way for the first date listed in screen2.jpg to automatically remove itself once the date has passed.

This isn't really a views issue as much as it is a maintenance issue. Since I don't maintain the site, the client does, I'd like to not have to depend on them to remove the dates since they don't necessarily maintain it on a daily basis.


Let me know if this helps to clear up what I said. I may not be explaining this very well.

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Are you trying to schedule nodes to be published and unpublished programmatically?

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I'm already scheduling. They schedule to un-publish 1 minute after the end time of the final date.

So in the screen grab below, the event will un-publish after October 29. The issue is that I don't want this event to keep show August 13th. I want August 13th to be automatically removed without me having to manually remove it.