Add an image into the body text of a page. Add a link to that image (internal or external).
Save the node.
Edit the node, click the image, click the edit link button - the URL is not prefilled.
There are no javascript bugs.
This happens in 8.3.4 and 8.3.5

Proposed resolution

Not sure where the issue lies but I can't find anything in ckeditor or drupal or google referencing a similar bug.


willeaton created an issue. See original summary.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Compared my site to a fresh D8 install and resetting the filter processing order sorted it.

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Title: CKeditor image link lost on edit » CKEditor image link lost on edit
Category: Bug report » Support request

Note it's not recommended to use the Full HTML format unless you actually need it — it has significant security implications. It's recommended that you use Basic HTML and then expand the whitelist of allowed HTML tags — or create a custom format perhaps.