I struggel with how to make a template override.

When I set up my site I started to make it multilingual but after a while I stopped it be becaue it was to complicated so now I run the site in French only but the basic multilingual settings are still around.

The standard template I use is "page--fr.tpl.php" but now I want to make a uniqe template for a certain Panel Page. It has the machine name "s_rie_sa_armoires_ignifuges_papier" and the URL "sa_armoires_ignifuges_papier_poids_leger_belle_esthetique"

I've spent a long time to try to figure out how to do this but I'm stuck. How to make a template for this particular page???

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Drupal 7.54


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I like cookies!

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Thank you for that, it is very usable, but it only show me

the html, but I want the page--settings. I guess I have to add some code some where but I'm not sure what for a code. Maybe you can tell me?


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It was me that had missunderstood some basics. I had to scroll further down.

Thanks again for this tool