I have a node type A with a field A-Ref, which references nodes of type B. The field A-Ref can have multiple instances, so on node A1, you could refer to B1, B2, B7, etc...

Now I want to make a view with alle the nodes of type A who do not refer to a specific set of nodes of type B. So I want to exclude every node A in which B1, B2 or B3 is referenced. How do I do that? I can't figure it out...

If I use the filters:

+ node type = A
+ A-Ref is not B1
+ A-Ref is not B2
+ A-Ref is not B3

then it won't filter out a node that refer to B2 and B4 for instance. It still includes them, I guess because when it refers to B4, the node gets past the filter (since B4 is not B1, is not B2, is not B3).

The problem seems to be that the filter "is not equal to X" seems to mean "include everything that is not X", whereas I am searching for a way to "exclude everything that is X". On the surface that might seem like two different ways of phrasing the same meaning, but when working with a field with multiple instance, there is a difference. It is the difference between "include every node that has an instance of the field that is not X" and "exclude every node that has an instance of the field that is not X".

I hope that makes sense, and someone out there might be able to point me to a solution in configuring this view. (Or tell me it is impossible, although I find that hard to believe).


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