I have to create almost 10 pages which have different page layouts i.e one has 2 column, another 3 columns, another 24%/75%/25% and so on. Few have side bars and few don't. Few also have js effects applied and few don't. All pages are unique in structure and not uniform.

My question is.....

by using a custom theme how can I create and manage those pages?

BTW I have used Design Studio module but it doesn't cover all mentioned above.

Not sure if I create my own template file for each node / page and manage?

What are the best practices I should follow to achieve this?

Many thanks


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You could make a template for each, but I think it would make more sense to use Panels or Display Suite here. Which one you try would depend on what you're trying to put into those columns. If it's a lot of different things (e.g. custom text, fields, blocks, views etc), then Panels would be the way to go.

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Thanks for the feedback Megan.

Can you advise how to work with Panels? Especially managing content in different sections of panel?

I tried but seems panels need to load data from views, blocks while I simply need WYSIWYG editor to load data at different sections of the panel page.

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I haven't actually used Panels for Drupal 8 yet (I try to avoid it if I can, TBH). There should be a way to add a custom text block to a panel though. Or maybe not - maybe in Drupal 8 Panels can only use existing blocks? You might want to ask another question or change the title of this one so someone who actually knows about Panels might answer :)

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Thanks a lot again for your valued time.