This is a related issue to The patch in #69 removed the auto creation code for computed field from ItemList class.
patch screenshot

This patch will lead to PHP error as we have function called to get the first item from an ItemList, but the list is empty caused by above change in core patch:
origin code


If the patch gets in core, we will need to rework on the purge function to remove the pathauto state.
Or we need to rework on the core patch to add the auto creation of the conputered field item back.

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rli created an issue. See original summary.

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Tried to make it work with the core patch. Still need to work on it to clean up the purge function etc. But need a decision on this situation first.

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Title: Respect the removal of auto creation of the first item in computered field in core » Respect the removal of auto creation of the first item in computed field in core
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Was breaking my head over this, was using the core patch you mentioned. Thank you!

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I've no idea how Pathauto works internally, but my suggestion is to move that purge() method to the field item list level, instead of having it at the field item level as it is now.