The Date render element exposes a '#date_date_format', which is supposed to be used to specify the date format used for display when the browser doesn't support the HTML5 date widget. Setting it to anything other than 'Y-m-d' will result in an unexpected form value though, because the date polyfill use that format both for display and form submission, instead of being restricted to display. HTML 5 browsers will format the date correctly as Y-m-d, thus causing a format difference in the backend based on the browser used.

Simple form code to reproduce the issue

$form = [
  'date' => [
    '#type' => 'date',
    '#title' => 'Date',
    '#date_date_format' => 'd/m/Y',
  'submit' => [
    '#type' => 'submit',
    '#value' => 'Submit',

and watch the selected date value being sent as d/m/Y instead of Y-m-d in browsers using the polyfill (e.g Firefox), and correctly being sent as Y-m-d for browsers that don't (e.g. Chrome)

Proposed resolution

Use jQueryUI Datepicker altField / altFormat mecanism to have both a displayed field in the wanted format, but not submitted, and an hidden field with the correct value if the format used isn't the standard one.

Remaining tasks

- Review
- Figure out if there's a way to test the polyfill

API changes

- The displayed field will no longer have a name attribute ; it'll be used for the hidden input field instead. Themers that targetted a specific date field by its name will need to adapt their theming. That situation is unlikely though, because such an input required extra care in the validate / submit handlers to reformat the date based on the browser used

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Uploading patch based on the proposition above.

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