Not sure how to explain this issue. I think the best way is by example.
got to --> scroll about have way down.
The line entries look like this:

The is repeated twice.
Is this a configuration issue on my side?



lperepol created an issue. See original summary.

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This looks like a local settings problem, only the URLs to sites/default/files have the duplication. Do you have anything odd going on with your site files folder?

My files settings at admin/config/media/file-system :

Public file system path

Public file base URL

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My setting for admin/config/media/file-system are the same:

Public file system path

Public file base URL

Private file system path
Not set

Also kind of weird the files cannot be deleted out of drupal 8. The physical files are easy enough to delete but drupal still keeps a reference to them. I tried all sorts of methods to remove the files -- remove them from content type, deleting them on the server.
They show up under /admin/content/files.

I even have "Delete orphaned files after" set to "6 hours". Drupal doesn't delete files used in 0 places.

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I looked at a database dump. The insert for files has an absolute URL. The others are relative. So xmlsitemap may be appending on output?


INSERT INTO `xmlsitemap` VALUES ('0','frontpage','','','und',1,1,0,0,1,0,86400,0),('1','block_content','basic','/block/1','en',1,1,0,1490701392,0.5,0,60,0),('1','font','font','/admin/appearance/font/1','und',0,1,0,1490306162,0.5,0,60,0),('1','paragraph','mt_main_slideshow_slide','','en',1,1,0,0,1,0,86400,0),('1','shortcut','default','/admin/config/user-interface/shortcut/link/1','en',1,1,0,0,0.5,0,60,0),('1','user','user','/user/1','en',0,1,0,1495373016,0.5,0,60,0),('10','block_content','basic','/block/10','en',1,1,0,1496853328,0.5,0,60,0),('10','file','file','','en',1,1,0,1496868092,0.5,0,60,0),('10','font','font','/admin/appearance/font/10','und',0,1,0,1490306165,0.5,0,60,0),('10','node','mt_post','/Society/Education-And-Learning/Teck-Serv-Student-Research-Funding-Opportunity-

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Looks like the same issue here:

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