Last updated 21 February 2012. Created on 28 July 2008.
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Project page:

Downloading the module


A new snapshot is created every 12 hours. You can grab it at

Quick setup

  1. De-activate old color.module
  2. Enable new version, under the "Style" package
  3. Run DRUPAL/update.php


Example themes included. Color info is stored in hook_color() in template.php.

Alpha transparency in IE6

To get pngfix working with these themes and this module, go to, download, and install.

Then go to admin/settings/pngfix and add .pngfix to your list.


If you have any bugs that prevent you from running this please file a bug report!

For help/bugs/questions/feature requests/contributing code etc. please visit the project page.


Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.