Enables the user to add items (products) either to the cart or to a particular wishlist based upon requirement. Also, this feature enables to add particular items to the cart present in specific wishlists.

Implementation steps involved:

  1. This feature would be implemented using the Hook functions in Drupal. Considering adding items to cart, the function uc_cart_add_item() would be used. This button would be accessible on the user’s wish list only if product is not out of stock. To check that we would use uc_stock module uc_product_exist.
    1. For adding items to a wishlist, we would use the Hook function uc_wishlist_add_to_wishlist_submit and delivery to orders will add item to wishlist and redirect the page.
    2. Implement hook_form_validation to add validation to the uc_cart_view_form.
    3. Views Integration through the Views module would assist in the implementation of this feature.


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    Project: UC_wishlist » UC Wish List
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