If you create a taxonomy and create a node with field collection that has multiple taxonomy terms in it and if you create an exposed filter, it all works fine.

Until you delete the field collection item in your node using the term, the views starts giving error An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator. And that term is stuck giving no result when clicked in the filters, so besides that there should be some option to hide filters that has no content to filter.

And log gives Illegal choice 0 in field_property_filter_tid element. error. (property_filter is the term reference field)

To solve this you can unselect 'Required' in the view and it fixes it, but not really. I need Required field, because I don't need the Any filter in my filters. I know I can hide Any with CSS, but now it screws the initial load of the page, because it still loads Any's filtered output (which is by the way Random, so if you have set to show 1 item, on every page load Any loads a random item, which is wrong)

It also solves it if you select 'Limit list to selected items', but again that means each time you add a new term, you have to update the view and manually select the new added term to apply to the filter.


vibrasphere created an issue.