I'd like to create a pattern that replaces /taxonomy/term/12 with viewspage?term=12, so that I can redirect taxonomy terms to a Views page with exposed filters, filtered on the specific term.

When submitting the pattern, an error states that ? is not allowed in the replacement url. I'm able to add ? to URL aliases via the core (/admin/config/search/path/add) so I wonder if it would be possible to allow Pathauto to accept this character as well in its patterns?



mrogers created an issue. See original summary.

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If you're able to add them then it most likely just means missing validation. Pretty sure it doesn't work?

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Thanks, Berdir. Do you mean missing validation in Pathauto, or in core's URL aliases? I'm pretty sure it doesn't work for me in Pathauto.

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in core. I'm pretty sure aliases don't support query arguments and then there is no reason for pathauto to support it either.

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Drupal core issue to add support for query parameters in aliases: #118072: Allow query strings in URL aliases