I have tried everything that I can but still can't get the URL path to work properly.

Basically, I have taxonomy structure that goes make (parent) > model (child) > year (child of a child).

When I create a piece of content I tag it for example as Audi > A4 > 2000. On the URL path, I only want to show domain.com/audi/node-title.

Basically only the parent needs to be on the URL, which works using this structure:


But the only problem here is when I create a node and stop at Audi and don't select any children.

When the node has been tagged only with Audi taxonomy term the node title shows as domain.com/node-title and I am trying to get it to be domain.com/audi/node-title.

I guess it is not working because in this case there is no parent.

Any ideas if there some other way to achieve this?


tepelena created an issue.

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Has anyone any tips?

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Any suggestions?