I'm trying to set up a new Drupal 7.x website using the Open Outreach distro and the Outreach theme, and I've run into a problem that's making me want to tear out my hair. According to the Block Administration page, there are currently no blocks in the Sidebar second region. However, when I look at the home page at www.yogacenterec.org, I see the LoginToboggan logged in block and the Follow Site block in that region.

I've tried moving those blocks to different regions, and they will display in those regions, but also remain displayed in Sidebar second, while the administration interface insists that there are no blocks there. My ultimate goal is to have the Sidebar second region be empty so it won't display.

Any advice on where I should be looking to fix this would be appreciated, even if it's just, "You need a different theme."


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inspect the HTML of the page. Do the elements in the sidebar have block classes? If no, they aren't blocks.

Also, if the disto is using the context module, then the context module is handling block display based on contexts.

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They are most definitely blocks; when logged in as admin, clicking their little gearboxes brings up a link to the Configure Block page.

The Context module is installed, as is Context UI, but Context Layouts isn't currently enabled.

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 * @file
 * Code for the Open Outreach core feature.

include_once 'openoutreach_core.features.inc';

 * Implements hook_context_default_contexts_alter().
 * If the debut_blogger module is enabled, display the shortcut block to users
 * with the blogger role.
function openoutreach_core_context_default_contexts_alter(&$contexts) {
  if (isset($contexts['shortcut']) && module_exists('debut_blog') && !apps_compatible_feature_is_recreating('openoutreach_core')) {
    $contexts['shortcut']->conditions['user']['values']['blogger'] = 'blogger';