I have another small problem. Let's say I have a set of articles, each with an image. If I remove an image from FTP, or it becomes corrupt, or for some reason it's not at the location it thinks it is, the site will display the alt text and appear broken. I would like to tell Drupal to do something else in this case, like display a 'filler' or 'default' image. How would I do that?

I can do it with PHP, or add some other workaround, but I'm wondering if there's a Drupal way? I haven't found anything in my research.

Please note this is not an action for when there is no image provided. This is for when an image IS provided but it doesn't exist. I want the site to fail gracefully.



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You may have to custom code something as I am not aware of any drupal way to do this. That being said, a cursory search showed me https://www.drupal.org/project/imagecache_defaults