I'm importing multiple articles from another site which contain images. I'd like the featured images in these articles to be the featured images on my Drupal site. In order to do this, I've downloaded all the images from that site and uplaoded them into my Drupal image directory at /public_html/sites/default/files/field/image.

I'm importing a CSV full of data from the other site, and in my field_image URL column, I've formatted it as "field/image/imagename.jpg". It's the correct name, but it's not being imported. I'm wondering:

1. if I'm using the right path.
2. if I'm using the appropriate assignment to the correct field.
3. if it's possible to import the URL in the way I'm doing it.

I've looked around for an answer but couldn't find one. I'd appreciate any help you could give.



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When doing this I added public:// to the path. I did use the feeds tamper module to set it but I would imagine it might be the same to put it directly into your csv. e.g. public://field/image/imagename.jpg

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YEP!! Thank you! That did it. :)

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