Environment variables to pass in global settings/configurations are a thing:

  • Most hosters have some sort of support for them and expose the DB settings as such, for example
  • It really explitely defined to be environment specific.
  • Many systems have .env files to share those.




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dawehner created an issue. See original summary.

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Added a Pro about security. It links to

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Thanks for proposing this, @dawehner! Curious what people more knowledgeable than me wrt server security have to say :) I like the apparent simplicity!

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I added some blog post with some criticism.

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How crazy / insecure would be be to totally pull settings.php from environment, which can also handle overrides already?

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This topic reminded me of this article I read a while back that speaks to security of env vars. It appears that a few people in the article have varying opinions, but worth knowing some considerations around this topic.

This one has some good tips on securing env vars:

For this article already mentioned in the issue description, I would like to see documentation around better ways to mange keys and other "secrets" than placing them in env vars.