When using a combination of replication/relaxed/multiversion/workspace modules to deploy entities to other sites a bug occurs with nodes which have a menu_link_content entity are being sync. The node always receives a pattern for the article pattern. This is because while denormalizing menu_link_content entities the replication module's ContentEntityNormalizer creates a stub node to attach the menu link to. This node is always of the bundle article and is later updated to have the correct bundle set. The problem is, that the suiting pattern is already defined in pathauto_entity_insert. When the correct bundle is called pathauto_entity_update only updates the tokens in the alias.

This behavior only occurs in the newer pathauto versions. I had a pretty old version before (ref: 539c647817ff3a7cd952a87a5f83d898e94ccaac) which did not produce this bug.


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Title: Problem with stub entities from replication module » Stub entities from replication module use wrong pattern