Hye everyone,

Currently I have problem with my performance with my filter views,the performance is too slow when the user try to search or filter.For your information,My website has almost 6000 node.When the user try to search it take to long time to get the result. I try to solve this issue by using hook_views_query_alter based on this article https://chuva-inc.com/blog/slow-queries-views but i still get the same result.So what is the best way to solve the issue, maybe some one can share with me the idea how to solve this issue.


Adam2926 created an issue.

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Hello Adam2926,

have you found a solution to increase performance of a view with huge number of rows? My view have 94000 rows, and when I uses a filter, I'm waiting 1/2 minutes to get the results (server 16gb ram, 4 cores..). Then, i uses the "views data export" module and it's very very slow for generate a csv file.

Thanks for your helps !

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We have experienced this problem as well. The query of a view was changed from a sql query with 5 joins to a query with 14 joins. The site was unresponsive after the views update (3.15 to 3.16).

Reading this issue; https://www.drupal.org/node/2572203 and updating to the dev version of Entity Translation fixed this issue for us.

Hopes this helps you.

We isolated the module which gave the problems after we updated a few modules in our test environment (this shows us all we always first need to test updating modules in a test/copy environment). We saw the bottleneck was mysql and the query it generated. Please contact me on PM of you want those queries, to much private info to post it online. After a lot of searching and testing we found the issue i mentioned.