I'm setting up a contextual filter on a location: city field. When choosing 'allow multiple values' all is well when multiple values are provided in the url filter (+ OR ,) but it fails when a single value is provided. When unchecking 'allow multiple values' I can get a single filter value to display.

Is there a way to allow for multiple values AND a single value on the same contextual filter?

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I have checked this with same version of Views and it's working for me for both Single and multiple values.

Please see attached screenshots for setting of the contextual filter and how it works.

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Hi people.

I followed the steps of Kishna and works good for me too.

Thank you very much Kishna.


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@goodelectrons, you can follow this steps for the solution.

If have any question, please comment here okay?

Good Work.

Thank you very much, people.

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Thanks @RenatoG for praising the efforts I put in to resolve the issue. We are ready to help always :)

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