If you configure a block view and try to hide the views title with <none> it shows the German translation of <none> in frontend.

$this->view->get_title() returns the translated string. Therefore the condition $title == '<none>' fails to compare.

   * The display block handler returns the structure necessary for a block.
  function execute() {
    // Prior to this being called, the $view should already be set to this
    // display, and arguments should be set on the view.
    $info['content'] = $this->view->render();
    $title = $this->view->get_title();
    $info['subject'] = ($title == '') ? '' : filter_xss_admin($title);
    if (!empty($this->view->result) || $this->get_option('empty') || !empty($this->view->style_plugin->definition['even empty'])) {
      return $info;


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Title: Translation "<none>" shown if block title should be hidden » Translation of "<none>" shown if block title should be hidden

Code wise this should be the case for Pages, too.