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In 2010 Unesco declares Flamenco as an intangible heritage of humanity. Flamenco was then inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and this was an international big support to the knowledge and international expansion of this type of art, which allowed the growth of professional communities associated with Flamenco.

In 2015 the Regional Government of the “Autonomous Community” (It’s the original title in Spanish) of Andalusia in southern Spain decides to create a platform to register, index and locate all flamenco professionals and their artistic productions.

The Regional Government of Andalusia chose Rojomorgan as the favorite agency to design and build the project: to create an online platform for the search of everything related to Flamenco.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

This project has a dual nature: first, it is an internal management tool for officials of the Andalusian Ministry of Culture, technicians and specialists who collect and "record" records on the flamenco sector. That is why this project is in a way a backend tool for indexing cases. It's also the web platform that shows these cases to the general public that can browse the contents.

So what could we choose? We need a platform that is useful as a content engine prepared to scale and manage thousands of nodes. Drupal is the only option optimized for all these requirements.

Drupal was the first option as a technological base in this project for several reasons:

  • It is the most popular CMS in the region and has one of the most active communities in the south of Spain.
  • It was the most mature and stable technological solution for a platform that had to worry about scaling, growing and having no performance problems.
  • It was the most secure CMS for deployments on public administration servers.
Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

This project has several very different objectives and goals. This is what Rojomorgan had to do for the Regional Government of Andalusia:

  1. First, design a unique and defined visual identity (branding) for the project (the catalog).
  2. Carry out a thorough analysis of how all the information necessary for the collection of information associated with flamenco (consultancy) could be organized.
  3. Design an organization system (taxonomies, categories, types, sections, links) to sort all information.
  4. Define content types to model all the necessary information.
  5. Implement a website (Backend and Frontend) to gather, display and navigate through all the information collected.
  6. At the end and in a very important way: the final goal of the project was to achieve a very simplified interface (KISS) for information management. Reducing, shorting, abbreviate and optimize IA to generate agile navigation. No more than three clicks to reach the information sought. An UX challenge!


The main challenge for this type of project is (at first) to properly analyze what a flamenco show is really, how many people it can imply, what factors influence and how all this information can be represented in a usable, interconnected and understandable way.

The next step is to define the entities and ToCs needed to model all this great informational input and how they will relate to each other. Categories like "cante", "baile", fields like "budget", "equipment", "format" ... and many others.

And the final challenge is to establish a working model that can be a tool for the thousands of cultural professionals who work on flamenco-related events: this catalog should be part of their work system.

Organizations involved: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Omega was the Drupal theme chosen for the construction of a new subtheme to frontend in this project for its fluidity, its high variety of options and its ease of use. Omega made in HTML5 allows to use Media queries and with just one click we can have a design valid for all devices.

Views has been and is one of the fundamental tools in Drupal-based projects: to create listings, organize content rendering and prepare views.

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