My administration menu disappears, his zone is white. I deactivate it and activate it and it run again! But when I go out of the modules section, it's white again.

The standar toolbar run correctly but...

What happen? Why does that happen? Help please.

Thank you very much.


Sofia-ED created an issue.

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I have download fresh admin_menu module and enable it. It works fine.
Have you flushed cache ?
Could you please define the scenario upon which error occurred ?

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Thanks for the quick answer

Yes, I flushed cache. The succes appear after redirect to

*And when I access to the site with run perfectly O_O

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Perfect then !

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I solved it!

I gone to and I disable cache options, save and working!

Thank you very much for your attentions.
I hope this solution works for many people

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Great going !
Definitely it help others also !