Good morning
After installing panels I get this message Fatal error: Call to a member function getIconPath() on a non-object C:\Users\Sites\devdesktop\drupal-8.2.7\modules\panels\panels.module on line 51
Please help me


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For those who have the same problem deleting the folder "panels" can solve it; I have just tried it & it worked

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Got this when going from 8.28 to 8.3.0.

The above comment on deleting the panels module folder worked for me. Deleted it, ran drupal cr all and got 'cr is not a valid command' because the site was actually broken by deleting panels. Readded the panels folder back and ran cr all again with no issues and no more fatal error.

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I'm stuck with this error : Even if I remove the folder panels and add it again, the site doesn't start back.