If user will input into date field ex "04/111/2017" by manually changing date value, the date validation will display validation error on submit (what is correct).

However input value, which supposed to be "04/111/2017" at this stage, is lost and system is changing it to current time value ex "04/19/2017". This can cause submitting wrong value at the end.

The reason of this error is because of the line:
'#default_value' => date_format_date($date, 'custom', date_popup_date_format($element))
, inside date_popup.module, which comes from date-undefined_index_notices_in_date_popup.module-1437892-41-v.2.8-withtest.patch this patch.

It looks like dirts left after some testing process.


javi.pl created an issue. See original summary.

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I see the same issue.

Patch applied cleanly, works as expected.