Follow-up to #2861165: Not properly closing div on bootstrap_image_widget template function

Something went wrong with this change... the UI looks broken now.

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hass created an issue. See original summary.

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Weird! If you use older version does it work ok?

I will try to inspect if there are other preprocess functions . Last version was indeed closing the div on the wrong #suffix element.

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While we are on the image upload widget... the drag and drop icon is incorrectly shown. On the right side it id half hidden.

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I'm sure the upload form was correctly shown in 3.12...

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Related issues: +#2870289: file_ajax_upload() causes malformed Drupal.settings

It is broken. I shouldn't have committed the patch in #2861165: Not properly closing div on bootstrap_image_widget template function.

I think the reason that issue was created (and why I committed it) is because the markup does look "wrong" at first glance.

It's actually wasn't.

There wasn't really a way to effectively "wrap" an input group div around both upload and upload_button since they're sibling child elements of the managed file element.

So yes, the closing </div> should be on upload_button, not as a suffix on upload.


That being said, I'd really like to avoid custom markup like this because it's easy to make mistakes like this.

I'll commit a fix shortly that converts this into using the proper #input_group_button property.

  • markcarver committed c62398b on 7.x-3.x
    Issue #2870204 by hass, markcarver: Not properly closing div on...
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Status: Active » Fixed

As a side note, in case you missed the above related issue:

#2870289: file_ajax_upload() causes malformed Drupal.settings

While this is the proper way to fix this issue, it does come with a slight annoyance. If the upload button is clicked without a file actually provided, it will inadvertently cause a JS fatal error due to the above core bug. The patch in that issue fixes it.

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Here's a patch, just in case.

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Thanks. That fixes the issue in the theme.

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Thank you, it also solves the initial issue #2861165: Not properly closing div on bootstrap_image_widget template function that was triggering other form fields to be wrapped in the image field.

My patch solved this issue but generated other problems that i was not ware. Sorry for the mess.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.