Idea summary

What is the problem to solve?

(Missing functionality X, prevent Y from happening, make Z easier to do)

Who is this for?

(Evaluators, site visitors, content authors, site managers, (advanced) site builders, frontend developers, backend developers, core developers, site owners, other?)

Result: what will be the outcome?

(Describe the result: how will this improve things for the stated audience(s)?)

How can we know the desired result is achieved?

(Usability test, a metric to track, feedback)


Proposed solution

Overall approach + breakdown of tasks go here…


yoroy created an issue. See original summary.

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For now, see @geerlingguy's comment at #2858592-24: *DRAFT* Proposed product goals for Drupal 8.4/8.5(+) core. That should be incorporated and fleshed out in this issue.

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What did we get done in 8.4, do we need to do more in 8.5?

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Config Management is very usefull, but import/export of simple menu links is missing. Perhaps a feature request for 8.5 ?

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#6: manually created menu links are MenuLinkContent entities, which are content, not config.