After upgrading from Drupal 8.2.6 to 8.3.0 on Windows IIS 8.5, the content in a Content Page will no longer display. This applies to existing content pages and new content pages as well. There are no server-side errors logged for this issue. However, there appears to be a client-side issue with JavaScript (e.g. Uncaught Type Errors) in Google Chrome. Note: these JavaScript errors occur irrespective of the selected theme. Also, it appears that no JavaScript errors occur in IE 11, but the content will not display in either browser. Please see attached screenshots.

Uncaught_Type_Errors.jpg270.55 KBrdw99
No_content_displayed.JPG29.09 KBrdw99
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rdw99 created an issue. See original summary.

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I have this same issue, I'm using paragraphs module and upgraded from 8.2.7 to 8.3.0 using composer update (in a less than optimal composer.json file).

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OK, after inspecting the 8.3.0 release notes, I noticed that Display Suite has a new development version that supports a new 'layout discovery' API, after updating to the latest ds version (at the time of writing: 8.x-3.0-beta2), my nodes are now displaying content again. The previous structure and styling is NOT INTACT, this doesn't appear a backwards compatible update/fix.

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Same issue, happened when I was updating to Drupal 8.3.0 and from 8.2.8 to 8.3.1... same problem, the main content is blank and embedded content shows like the 2nd Image.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)
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@rdw99: When posting error messages, please copy and paste the messages into the issue summary rather than screenshots of the errors, so the errors are indexable.

This seems a duplicate of some DS issues. Reopen if I am wrong about that. Thank you!