Here is another couple of lines I always need to undo in my child themes. Is there a reason for the base theme to add the class "form-inline" to all elements of a certain type? It makes the forms elements display in an inconsistant manner.
Maybe this behaviour could be opted in with a setting in the appearance form?

@@ -66,9 +66,6 @@ public static function process(array $element, FormStateInterface $form_state, a
     if ($e->hasClass('container-inline')) {
       $e->replaceClass('container-inline', 'form-inline');
-    if ($e->isType(['color', 'date', 'number', 'range', 'tel', 'weight'])) {
-      $e->addClass('form-inline', 'wrapper_attributes');
-    }
     // Process input groups.
     if ($e->getProperty('input') && ($e->getProperty('input_group') || $e->getProperty('input_group_button'))) {


joos created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: Remove form-inline from numeric fields » Allow overriding of elements that are automatically converted to "form-inline"
Priority: Minor » Normal

This is, inherently, an opinionated topic.

These elements were designed to be inline because their inputs usually only require small amounts of data.

Also, simply removing this would break other people sites that either a) already like that this is implemented for them automatically or b) implemented workarounds to deal with this.

Instead of removing this completely, I would say that this plugin should implement a property on the class that can be overridden by a sub-theme as needed. This would allow developers to either a) remove the elements completely (as show above) or b) extend it with additional elements.

An example of how this has already been accomplished in the ThemeSuggestions alter plugin can be seen here:


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Hi Mark,
Yea, what to do and not to do is probably gonna be a popular topic i theme-project like this. I'm with the do-less side of that debate. :)

I know, we can't change that behaviour, thats why I suggested a setting for that so one could get a consistant behaviour, but the out-of-the box version still would function like it do today. Im not personally found of making code that undo stuff later in the execution chain since that is only gonna make sites slower. But what you suggest is maybe not like that at all. Gonna look at the links later.

Thanks for your reply.