I've been using Administration Menu for years - can't live without it! Thank You!

However, when selecting the option "Collapse module groups on the Modules page" it is hit or miss, mostly miss. When I go to "modules" on any of the many Drupal sites I manage, they are hardly ever collapsed. When they are collapsed in a "session", they stay collapsed the whole time I am working. However when I log out and log back in "at some later time"... they usually are expanded again.

Has anyone run across this before? I manage dozens of sites and all of them do not have the modules collapsed on the Modules page most of the time.

Thank you!


DRIVE created an issue.

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Hi @Jamie, This is working for me for Administration menu version 7.x-3.0-rc5 and Drupal version 7.54.

Can you please provide more details?