I install the last version of pathauto module with ofc last versions of CTools and Token but pathauto module not working and i can't find page configuration.

In your documentation you requested to install CTools (8.x-1.x only) but not found it page of this module

Any idea to fixe that ??


kamalMaroc created an issue. See original summary.

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Category: Bug report » Support request
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I'm not sure what you are asking. Ctools is https://www.drupal.org/project/ctools.

This is not a bug but a support request, you need to be more specific what exactly is "not working".

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I thought it was a bug as well, going to the "standard" place /admin/config/search/path/, I was looking for some sort of a tab via UI, but didn't found it. But looking at the module from /admin/modules/ I clicked on the configure link and it took me to /admin/config/search/path/patterns/, which seems to be working as expected.

Hope this helps someone who runs into the same problem.

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Try to enable the module using drush (drush en module-name) command with all dependencies (.e.g. Ctools and tokens) might help

Note:- The drush command will automatically ask you to enable all the dependencies.