When setting a url alias by bypassing pathauto in node form (e.g. in french) the custum url alias settings from the related translated nodes (e.g. in english) is reset to pathauto loosing the custum path. Trying to reset the lost custum path (e.g. in english) reset the others (e.g. in french) as if only one custum path is permitted.

The site is set to different domains for each languages insted of a path prefix.



Dadaisme created an issue.

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I'm experiencing this same issue even when using path prefix language detection.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create content item in default language with auto-generated URL
  2. Create translation of initial content item.
  3. Change initial content item to use a custom URL
  4. Edit translation from step 2. Note that the checkbox is unchecked (not expected), but the original URL for the translated version is still intact (expected)
  5. Save the translated node without making changes (i.e. without changing the custom URL)
  6. Edit the translated node (without saving) and observe that the custom URL is now completely gone
  7. Edit the source node and observe that the custom URL is now the custom URL from the translated node
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If you are using lightning probably you are affected by this: https://www.drupal.org/node/2838358