When entering this "Custom date format" for a "Select list" widget type

m/y or n/y

I get a "select list" of months in 3 letters (jan to dec) insted of 2 digits (or 1 or 2 digits for n) and years in 4 digits format insted of 2 as if I was using


I was whit 7x2.9 before updating to 7x2.10. Both versions whit the same problem.




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You need to follow below steps:

1) Go to "MANAGE DISPLAY" of content type.
2) Go to "Format settings" of your date field and click of Date and time settings link.
3) Go to "FORMATS" tab.
4) Add format and write m/y in Format string.
5) Click Save format.
6) Go to "TYPES" tab.
7) Add date type and select your new created date format.
8) Click Add date type.
9) Click Save configuration.
10) Go to "MANAGE DISPLAY" of content type.
11) Go to "Format settings" of your date field.
12) select your custom format in Choose how users view dates and times:
13) Click Save.

This will gives you month in two digits and year in two digits.

Let me know incase of any query/concerns.

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Looks to be answered.

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