We updated from token-7.x-1.15 to 7.x-1.17

Previously we were using tokens in our webform components to display fields from the node displaying a webform block.

example: [current-page:node:field_webform_title]

the rendered markup no longer works with 1.17, I also confirmed this no longer worked with 7.x-1.16

I also noticed differences in the browse available tokens list (see uploaded image)

What would be the correct syntax for this kind of "compound" token?
Should I have tokens with both [node:field_webform_title] and [node:field-webform-title] and if not, how would I correct it?
Is this an issue with the module or with the update process?

My work around at this point is to revert back to 7.x-1.15 but I would prefer to use the latest recommended.

Thanks in advance

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bsnodgrass created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: Token format broken by recommended version » Webform Token format broken by recommended version