Hello, in some project i need same alias for all language, without translate entity to other language. I think it exists sense.

That i meen, create button to generate source language alias for all language.
Have two language EN and RU
Taxonomy exemple > term name HTC
How it work know
path En > /en/htc
path RU > /ru/taxonomy/term/1
I need translate taxonomy just for create alias? I think is not good for some reason.
but i need
path En > /en/htc
path RU > /ru/htc



Regnoy created an issue. See original summary.

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Hello Regnoy,
For your issue, it may be resolved by Pathauto i18n.

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Thanks, we it not integrate in main module?

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Hi Regnoy,
Just install i18n module which includes submodule i18n_path module. It helps to translate taxonomy term.
After installing i18n, only 2 steps you have to follow:
1.When you are creating vocabulary just select "Localize. Terms are common for all languages, but their name and description may be localized." as multilingual options.
2. Then change the pattern for your vocabulary path as "[term:name]".

Then you get the path of taxonomy term as required :
path En > /en/htc
path RU > /ru/htc

Please try.

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I have the same issue but with normal content types, I am using [node:source:title] to generate the URL alias, and in general works, but in my case the default language is German.
Having a title as "Bärte und Als"
because there are some "Umlaut" as ä,ü,ö
then in the German URL alias, I get something like

but in the English I get

From my point of view is as pathauto is using different encoding to generate the Url, and if it is taking the German Title to make the URL, even if the English alias, it should use the same encoding or just use the same alias as in the German content, I guess.

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Thanks to @michaellenahan I have fixed my problem unchecking the checkbox
"Transliterate prior to creating alias" in the pathauto config page "/admin/config/search/path/settings" and now it works!
Now I get "bärte-und-als" in both languages.

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