Hi, I'm trying to learn Drupal 8 (it's my first drupal experience too).
I'm using default theme Bartik,
I added permission to use personal contact form to authenticated user and then I wrote a message to another user (on user profile, contact tab).
I used the form and received the confirmation message "your message has been sent".
And now? if I login as the target user I can't see any notification of new message.
Where messages are saved? how can I show current user messages?
I need to show the list of messages received in descending date and highlighting the unread messages.
I don't understand how can I manage messages?
On database where are they stored? and there's an example on the web for accessing messages by code?
I'm sorry but I don't know if there's some tutorial or documentation about that.
Thank you in advance


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Contact form submissions are sent by email, they are not stored on the system at all.