I had a general question regarding the use of SHA1 and MD5 in the Drupal core code. Recently, I ran a static code scan of the Drupal 8.2.7 package and many "High" findings were identified in the scan. I understand that Drupal passwords are hashed using SHA512, but I want to understand why the obsolete functions of SHA1 and MD5 are littered throughout the Drupal core code?

Thanks in advance


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Because someone thought they were a good idea to use in the places that they were used.

I know it's a ague answer, but with no specific examples, it's the only answer.

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That's fair Jaypan. We have many findings that found the use of SHA1 or MD5 so I kept it vague for that reason. Here is an example in case it is helpful.

Generator.php, line 845 (Weak Cryptographic Hash)

842 if ($className == '') {
843 do {
844 $className = $prefix . $type . '_' .
845 substr(md5(microtime()), 0, 8);
846 } while (class_exists($className, false));
847 }

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That's just a random value generator, there isn't any necessity for security with that. It's just hashing the current time with md5(), then grabbing the first eight characters of the hash.

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It is phpunit in the vendor folder. Anything in there is as is, it doesn't mean it is used in drupal core!

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Oh, I didn't even notice that!

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