I upgraded to 8.3 properly, but now me this error appears

Twig_Error_Loader: Template "themes/teatro/templates/node/article/ds-2col.html.twig" is not defined (Drupal\Core\Template\Loader\ThemeRegistryLoader: Unable to find template "themes/teatro/templates/node/article/ds-2col.html.twig" in the Drupal theme registry.). in Twig_Loader_Chain->getCacheKey() (line 10 of modules/contrib/ds/templates/ds-entity-view.html.twig).

the strange thing is that are involved all the custom templates that I had created in my custom theme

Ex. I've not a /templates/node/article/ds-2col.html.twig overrided, but i've:



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Is layout discovery enabled ? See #2860816: Create update hook to uninstall layout_plugin and install layout_discovery - layout plugin needs to be uninstalled, layout discovery installed. That patch has an update hook to fix that.

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Yes, I've applied the patch before upgrading:

ds module : 
  8003 -   Uninstalls Layout plugin, then enables Layout Discovery. 
Performing ds_update_8003 
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Hmm, that's unfortunate .. I'd have to try and setup the exact environment to try and reproduce the problem, it's been a while since I actually did many overrides, I'll try during the weekend.

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I tell you my procedure, maybe it's just a mistake as I proceed:

I've upgraded with composer ds (with the patch above),panel and drupal core.

I can not update bootstrap_layouts before upgrading because they toss Drush updatedb back to me:

Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\ServiceNotFoundException: The service "plugin.manager.bootstrap_layouts" has a dependency on a non-existent service "plugin.manager.core.layout". in...

So, I run the first update that ends immediately before updating DS because returns:

Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\ServiceNotFoundException: The service "plugin.manager.bootstrap_layouts" has a dependency on a non-existent service "plugin.manager.core.layout". in    [error]

At this point I upgrade bootstrap_layouts and relaunch drush updatedb which ends successfully with all updates

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I think you have the same issue as I had, can you try the patch in #2860490, the solution is "incorrect" but it gives an idea of the problems people are running into.

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I tried it with the latest patch but it does not change anything, no one has any idea how to solve? the problem is very serious and block any possible update...

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sedax I think you maybe need to rename your layouts and the patch from https://www.drupal.org/node/2802429
We are trying to figure out what has to be changed.

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Ok, after applied all patches it doens't return me any errors, but if I change my template name with the new provided (layout__), it show me only <>, same as https://www.drupal.org/node/2857972

I've debugged the file and all variables are moved (ex. left is content.left).

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I think you didn't apply the patches correctly in that case, and you also should clear all your caches.

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I have a patch at #2857972: Some content wrappers are not passed to display suite layouts overridden twig templates which proves nothing is wrong with the base templates, so #2802429: Display layout twig not overridable. will probably be the solution, writing tests for that now and checking what the exact fix needs to be.