Investigate adding Migrate support, especially for migrating data from a D7 site.


DamienMcKenna created an issue.

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There's the start of some D7 -> D8 migration code in an uncommitted Panopoly patch here:

The goal is to contribute it back to Panelizer/Panels when it's more complete. Or if someone wants to take a more generic attempt right away, you're free to borrow from what little is there. :-)

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Ah @dsnopek your awesome! Was also looking for this from an embedded data point of view. Eventually was able to get a bunch of panelized pages with complex bootstrap_layout settings all imported into lightning as landing_page from yml config. I also needed to do reverse lookups from earlier migrations so added that for block_content + entity_block lookups. All pretty focused on my use case at the moment but would be happy to help as well!

Embedded data of panelizer pages:

Migrate process plugin:

In my use case I just passed a series of blocks to panelizer in embedded data:

          view_mode: page_manager
          default: two_column
              id: page_title_block
              label: '[node:title]'
              label_display: visible
              region: top_left
              weight: 0
              id: 'entity_field:node:body'
              label: Body
              label_display: 0
              region: top_left
              weight: 5
              id: 'block_content:pillars'
              label: Pillars
              label_display: 0
              region: top_left
              view_mode: full
              weight: 10

Everything is working and is appearing in all of my displays, the only issue I am having is I am not able to edit some of the components in IPE. I have traced it to my custom uuid generation. If I use a uuid from an already existing default panelizer page for respective component, then everything works. I think it is because I am not trigging something from

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Don't suppose @dsnopek you might have any idea about this custom uuid generation + plugin editing in IPE issue?