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There are a lot of issues about replacing deprecated function call replacements, some only change a single thing, that might make sense in core when there are lots of such calls, but not in a module like token. This is a lot of overhead for me and also for you and looks like gaming/mis-using the credits system.

I'd appreciate it if you combine all your current issues into one, close the others as duplicate and provide a single patch that combines them all. Thank you.

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I have merged all the open "deprecated" patches and fixed the service issue from here:

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Thanks rjjakes i have reviewed the patch in #4 but its doesn't replace all the urlInfo() method with toUrl() and i also get the t() function deprecated in module so i create a patch for replacing all urlInfo() with toUrl() and t() with $this->t().

Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, 5: tokens-merged_patches-2858253-5.patch, failed testing.

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@deepakkumar14 - seems like a lot of the tests don't like $this->t() perhaps because they're being called as statics to $this doesn't exist? (A guess at this point).

I was under the impression that calling t() as a global was fine - it' definitely not deprecated: