Hello, I ran into an issue where I had 15 nodes out of one bundle that would not automatically generate an alias based on the pattern. I racked my head on this for a day until I realized that on these nodes, they may have existed before we implemented pathauto, the Generate Alias checkbox was unchecked. This was hard to verify early on because we decided that the authoring experience shouldn't display this Url accordion especially since we have a generic rule we want to apply. I think any of the following features would have helped track this down sooner and possibly will make it harder for this to occur to other sitebuilders:

  • When you generate paths, display to a user how many nodes in that bundle did not get an alias
    • Views
    • Make it so path can be a filter in a view, so we can create a view display all nodes that do not have a path
    • Allow for a bulk value change to apply the generate aliases to multiple nodes at the same time

If any more ideas come to mind, I will add it. Thanks.

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robpowell created an issue. See original summary.

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Hi, i also have issue with "Generate Alias checkbox", cause bulk generation didn`t create aliases for unchecked nodes, so i wrote a patch that add new option to bulk generate form (Force enable auto URL alias).
It will check "Generate Alias checkbox" for entities with empty alias only.

tested with pathauto-1.0.0-rc1