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When we partnered with CSULB to create a new website for the university, we faced the most exciting challenge of all: a clean slate. The school’s website had experienced only minor changes since 2007, and they were ready to blow the doors off the status quo. We were happy to oblige.

Starting with the university’s bold new theme, DECLARE, our tech experts worked with the school’s design to deliver a digital experience that is creative, intuitive and elevates the mission and vision of the university.

Hosted on a cloud server with Acquia, and built on the Drupal open content management system, the site breaks totally new ground. The homepage was a complete redesign and visual positions Long Beach as a destination that’s engaging and eye catching. The rotating video images take advantage of the school’s exciting programs and stunning campus features. And no matter where you are on the site, every section feels like a new destination that’s important and worth exploring.

To ensure the impact of the experience across any device. Our engineers built in a responsive design that not just automatically scales down to fit tablets and smartphones, but also scales up to look beautiful on large display monitors and cinema displays.

The results of the new site have been game changing. The new CSULB website stands as an example of digital transformation in higher education.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

As the leading CMS of choice for universities (26% of all universities), Drupal was presented as the preferred platform for this website. More importantly to Long Beach, they specifically wanted the website that was built to be "future proof". So the vibrant community and wealth of contributed code that is updated on a regular basis provides not just financial benefits, but also peace of mind that the system will remain in great health long term.

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 

CSULB has experienced significant results since launching this new website, including:

  • Over 91,000 new student applications for the fall 2016 semester, the most it has ever received in the university’s history (having received around 80,000 consistently in the years prior).
  • A major fundraising campaign for the university was completed in January 2016 and saw a momentous turnout, to the tune of $238 million, with 55,891 first-time donors. The university largely credits the new website in helping elevate its presence and achieve these numbers.
  • Marketing and brand awareness studies have reported a higher net promoter score by prospective students for CSULB, since launching this site.
Key modules/theme/distribution used: 
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

The Zen theme was chosen to allow us ultimate freedom of design.

Long Beach State on Tablet