I am using pathauto 1.3 in Drupal 7.53. Everything was working until I upgraded to the most recent Token 1.7. Now my content URL aliases are gone. I have deleted all and then bulk generated them. The urls show in the URL List tab, but when I search for a title the result is a link to /node not my alias. I have an identical site without the Token upgrade and aliases work there


jcory created an issue. See original summary.

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There's nothing that Token does to touch or destroy any data related to your existing URL aliases.

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Sorry, my mistake. Looks like URL's stopped generating after upgrade to Pathauto 1.3 or install of Pathauto-i18n. Earlier nodes continue to have aliases regenerated but not later ones.

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Update on auto URL generation problem. The problem was not with module updates, but testing after updates revealed many nodes without auto URLs. The issue is related to having made pathauto pattern settings after many nodes had been created and adding the pathauto i18n after that. Earlier nodes were not updated with auto URLs, but new ones had both the auto generate and the i18n generate checked by default. Older nodes have to be edited and manually checked.