It will be a great advantage to move some existing fields type to the Core:
- Currency
- Country
- Address

Actually, most of these fields are maintained at a very low level and the communication (feedback) from maintainers is unbelievable poor - for example, Drupal Currency has unanswered reported issues for more than 4 months.


Londova created an issue. See original summary.

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Title: Adding more fields type to Core » Add more fields type to Core
Project: Drupal core » Drupal core ideas
Version: 8.3.x-dev »
Component: field system » Idea
Category: Feature request » Plan
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We already have telephone field in D8 core. Is there any remaining functionality that the contrib phone or telephone modules provide, that hasn't been brought into core?

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Sorry for confusing with "telephone" field type. That's true.

I am more concern about "currency" and "country" field type.
There are several modules, however the level of their support is very pure.
In my opinion COUNTRY, CURRENCY (and may be Address) are the type of fields that need to be unified or standardized.

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There was no any replay for about 1 month.
Are there any plans for COUNTRY and CURRENCY fields type?


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Title: Add more fields type to Core » Add more field types to Core
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Updating IS according to the recent comments.

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Besides the CURRENCY field, a PRICE field type is highly desirable as well.