Currently, sites must be verified manually after any of their variables are set to get the new values.

Let's do this automatically after any variable changes.

This should be as easy as adding a line at the end of hosting_variables_set_site_variables():

hosting_add_task($site->nid, 'verify');

We can then remove the TODO in the README.


colan created an issue. See original summary.

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I am currently testing commit from #2796619-3: Add support for Drupal 8 configuration

and when I submit the variables form, a verify task is triggered.

In hosting_variables/hosting_variables.module, hosting_variables_site_settings_submit():

if (!empty($form['#site'])) {
    drupal_set_message(t('Variables saved.'));
    hosting_variables_set_site_variables($form['#site']->nid, $variables);


There is a node save on the site node which then triggers in hosting/site/

 * Implements hook_node_update().
function hosting_site_node_update($node) {
  if ($node->type == "site") {
    if ((isset($node->no_verify) && $node->no_verify) == FALSE) {
      hosting_add_task($node->nid, 'verify');

It seems that there is already a site verify.

Do you still want to force one in hosting_variables_set_site_variables()?

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Title: Run a verify task after variables are set » Remove README TODO "Run a verify task after variables are set"
Component: Code » Documentation
Category: Feature request » Task

I can confirm this as well, as I discovered yesterday. I just assumed this didn't happen as it was listed as a TODO in the README.

I was thinking it may be good to also have it run during a save for #2796625: Allow remote variable setting via Aegir Services, as we're not saving a node there, but let's have the client initiate a Verify task if he/she wants.

So I can't think of anything else to do here other than update the README.

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I will make the patch tomorrow.

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Here is the patch. It also does a bit of formatting in the README file.

Thanks for the review.

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Hi Grimreaper, Your patch regarding README changes works for me. Thanks!

  • helmo committed db9aa9b on 7.x-1.x authored by Grimreaper
    Issue #2844027 by Grimreaper: Remove README TODO "Run a verify task...
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Thanks, committed.

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Hi helmo,

I guess you forgot to provide me RTBC credit, can you please do the needful.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.