I've created a views pane from the default frontpage view ( I didn't changed anything at the settings page of the pane just the name and the title of the pane)

Than I've created a new panels page and wanted to add this views pane to the content but it can't be seen at the add content popup box.

Legacy views is enabled too, and there can be seen the frontpage view.

(Adding view and this specific views are enabled at the settings page of panels pages.)

Maybe I missed something. Maybe I should set some context at the views pane settings page or at the panel page context tab... (??) Or there is a bug? Or should I set someting else somwhere?

Would someone say what to check?

Would someone write a step by step instruction, how to add a new views pane to a page?


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Title: Can't add views pane to panels page » Not able to add Panels View Panes to panel page
Priority: Normal » Critical

I am using beta 5, and started having what sounds like the same problem.

I have views, i added panel view panes (admin/panel/views)

I then went to a panel page > content

Clicked the [+] icon to add a pane to the panel page, and the view panes i just created to not show up in the pop up window under the "views" section (Where they should be, and where some panes created under beta 3 DO show up).

I've made this a critical issue, because panels (with views) is basically unusable until this is fixed

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

So this is something I've been consistently unable to replicate.

If someone could provide, either inline (in code tags!) or as an attachment, exports of the following three items:

1. The views themselves that are the basis for the problematic views panes
2. The views panes that aren't showing up
3. The panel_page to which you're trying unsuccessfully to add these views panes

That could seriously expedite the process of my figuring out where the problem is.

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You'll have to update your Panel Page settings to allow your specific view panes or auto add any newly created view, nodes, blocks, etc.
Same for Mini Panels and Panel Node settings.

You might be creating View Panes that require context to be defined for your view arguments.

I'm testing out beta 5 and had the same problem when testing Views and Panels to create a new Frontpage.
My new view panes that required context arguments or argument wildcard were missing from the [+] add a pane selection.
However, the view panes appeared once I set up some context for the Panel Page.
Either that or set the argument source to no arg, input from pane config, or fixed.

Still testing out Panel Arguments to reuse the Frontpage for different sections of the website.

No specific need to enable Legacy Views to add new view panes yet.

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I've got some more information here. It appears that the problem was that my view pane was for a view that had an argument, and when the view pane was created it indicated that is should find some context in the panel. But the panel offered no context. Thus the view pane did not even appear in the add content to panel pop-up.

I would recommend that "unavailable" views such as those that require a context on a panel that has no context appear as unavailable (either with strike through, or grayed out, or in an "un available" section of the pop-up. Simply hiding them has the potential to cause serious confusion (as it did for me).

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)

Sorry Gregory, but that last request is a definite won't fix. Well, by design and won't fix.

When preparing the display editor form, the Panels engine determines which pane types are available to be added based (in most cases) on two factors:

1. Whether or not that particular pane type has been enabled for the panel type that's being edited (i.e., that 'Settings' screen full of checkboxes)
2. Whether or not the the display meets the context requirements for that particular pane type.

(Note that circumstances where not the case are LESS permissive, not MORE permissive - i.e., the new 'custom php' pane type that is currently in -dev performs an additional check to see if the current user is allowed to use the php parsing filter.)

This is the right way of doing this for a lot of reasons - honestly, too many to really detail here because I have a lot of coding to do right now. Basically, what you're proposing would entail adding a third item to that list that looks something like:

3. IF it's views panes that's being loaded, then we still check for required contexts but load all of them anyway and change the visual output for those items on the pane configuration form.

The first clause alone makes this a won't fix, because it would mean changing the engine to accommodate one specific plugin. If we were to implement this kind of thing globally, it gets even more heinous AND would probably necessitate a change in the API. Not gonna happen. Moreover, I'm opposed to your proposal in principle because it tries to solve a problem by increasing the already vomitous level of visual that Panels generates. I'd be much more inclined to think of this as a problem of underinforming on the views pane configuration page (which, as I've said in the past, is the single form in all of Panels that I detest the most). I'd be quite inclined to accept a patch that, say, added to the description on the 'Required context' field on that form indicating that this kind of thing would happen.

Also, I have to comment - your participation in this thread leaves me with a very sour taste in my mouth. You seem to be more interested in making sweeping declarations about Panels or snapping orders at the devs than taking care of the problem. Not only did you disregard my specific, enumerated requests for additional information so that I could help you with your problem, but you also evidently didn't even read versuvan's response before replying again here - he pointed out exactly what you needed to do four days ago:

My new view panes that required context arguments or argument wildcard were missing from the [+] add a pane selection.
However, the view panes appeared once I set up some context for the Panel Page.

I'm sorry this confused you. I truly am. I can sympathize, and I even agree that certain changes would help ameliorate this. But when you fail to watch the issue very closely or respond to my requests, I find it difficult to take your claims that this issue is "critical," and "panels (with views) is basically unusable until this is fixed" very seriously.

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My take on this:

Showing content that might be available with a strikethrough is a worse UI, because there's actually a LOT of context specific content that only shows up in the right circumstances. I understand and regret the confusion here, and I can see where it might be nice to have some kind of debugging tool that would let us specifically find out why a particular piece of content is excluded.

So while I agree that the disappearing content causing confusion is a problem, I disagree with the recommended solution. (Not to mention, that's actually difficult to develop, due to the way allowed content actually works).

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I haven't completely figured out panel_views, either. An example of how to set up 3 panels using the same view and 3 different arguments would be great. (I'm writing up a similar recipe, and for now: just creating 3 separate views.)

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Whoa.. I just came through a long struggle with a similar issue. I couldn't for the world figure out why I could not add views to panels. Everything else was good; nodes, blocks etc.

I installed different versions of Panels (6.x-3.0-rc1 and 6.x-3.x-dev) to no avail. I came up with several other solutions (some of them quite creative I may add, including adding the view to a block and inserting that block in the panel - talk about a deroute) but none of them were really what I wanted.

But whereas I was once lost, I am now found: It turned out that I hadn't turned on the 'Views content panes' module in the Chaos tool suite (ctools). D'oh! (Not that the above-mentioned problems may have anything to do with this, but if anyone else than me ends up Googling themselves to this place, I hope this saves them some hours of their life.) Turning the module on, enabled insertion of views.

Argh! And phew.


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It turned out that I hadn't turned on the 'Views content panes' module in the Chaos tool suite (ctools).

Genius. Well spotted. Thanks!

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I have views content panes enabled and still i am having the same issue. There is no views link or content pane link when i add content to a panel. I have had this working in the past with pretty much the same config... so i am thoroughly confused. HELP!

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Holy crap I just updated all my stuff and having the same issue. This is really bad. Everything is enabled properly and looks kosher but it's broken. Help!!! :(

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Priority: Critical » Normal
Status: Closed (works as designed) » Closed (fixed)

Well that was fast.


Clear your caches and problems are solved.

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Thanks. Clearing the caches makes the views appear in panels!

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Specifically: Is it by design that the views should not show up until the cache is cleared? This seems like a defect to me, and one that could be resolved by the software.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

This is a 5.x issue