I see on ebay there is an option when viewing a product to get rates for end users when they put a zip code in a text field and hit the button "Get Rates". Is there a way to do this within Drupal 7 using Ubercart ?


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First, you should absolutely NOT be using 7.x-3.0-beta3. That's a beta version almost 6 years old. There have been hundreds - maybe thousands - of bugfixes and improvements since then. Not to mention several really important security fixes. Upgrade NOW!

Second, eBay is a very restricted and limited use case, where products are sold and shipped individually and where the seller sets the shipping cost, the buyer doesn't have a choice. If you had a similar very restricted and limited need for your site, then it would be easy to add this to your product pages with a few lines of code. Look at how the shipping estimate on the cart page is done - basically you would do a similar thing on the product page.

But in general, there is no such number as the "product" shipping cost - shipping costs are for orders, and may be calculated based on weight, number of items, as a flat rate, or as an actual cost from USPS/UPS/FedEx etc. The charge for the order is not in general the sum of individual product shipping costs, except in very narrow use cases. In almost every case you need to know the shipping address and/or some order details like total cost or total weight in order to properly calculate the shipping cost, so presenting a number like this doesn't make sense for most use cases.

If you have only a flat rate for your orders, then you don't need to do a shipping estimate on the product page - just add the text to your order page. For example, "Flat rate shipping of $5.00 for all orders!". Or if your shipping is weight based, just add a computed field to the product to display the shipping rate for that one product.

What you don't want to do is to display a number which is different than what the checkout page says. So if your customers buy more than one item it would be confusing and make people angry if all the product page say (e.g.) $5.00 shipping but you end up charging them $10.00 because they bought several products. That's why this sort of thing is only useful in that very restricted eBay-like use case.

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Got it and thanks for the info. Yes, I really need to upgrade! And I get your response but what I really wanted was exact steps as to how to implement a little calculate shipping box on a products page. End users would just enter their zip and hit calculate and the site would spit out a shipping cost going against USPS and UPS (both if possible).

See here

go down to shipping and payments and enter your zip to get rates. I assume drupal has no module like this yet and there's no easy way to do this on my Drupal site?

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