After importing config changes (/admin/config/development/configuration - Import all), one file remained on the list - that is, it didn't get flagged as having been completed.

I'm not sure exactly what the change was as it came from a colleague, but it appears to be related to a newly created block. In any case, I ran the "Import all" three times but that file still remains. (see screenshot)

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ExTexan created an issue. See original summary.

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Component: configuration system » block.module
Issue tags: +Configuration system

This looks like a config key sorting issue - there is no real difference in the values - it'd be interesting to know what is different about the system that generated the original config and the one that is importing it. However it does look as though the visibility settings in blocks should be sorted by key to avoid this kind of problem.

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What exactly could I / should I check between the systems? That is, what info would help diagnose this?

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@ExTexan PHP version would be the most obvious as there are known differences in the way different versions sort.

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Ahh, I see.

Local dev is running PHP 5.6.10.
Pantheon DEV is running PHP 5.5.24.

I'm not even sure if I/we have control over the version that is installed on the Pantheon account. In any case, the developer I'm working with/for is the owner of the Pantheon account, so I guess it would be up to him to change it.

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@ExTexan just to point out that there is nothing wrong here per-se. The configuration is just the same and there are no real differences.

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