Is there a way to calculate the tax in an order per product?

In Europe, all countries except Denmark, have two or more tax rates, see To use ubercart in Europe when you sell products in various tax categories, you need to calculate the tax per product. Is there a way to achieve this in Ubercart 3.0?

I have a taxonamy item to differentiate between to rates I need to apply. The only thing I achieve up to now, is to apply a tax rate to all products if a certain product is selected.

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In the end I solved it using product classes and converted existing products with node convert. Each class has a certain tax amd this way taxes are calculated correctly.

It took a few hours to setup the classes to be exact copies of already existing products. Although I did it carefully, the image field went wrong and I had to fix it manually per product.

Would be nice if there would be an easier way to enable taxes per product. If a country changes its taxes for just a certain product, you are now doomed to to it the hard way again.

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